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As much as we love our cats, they can be stinky little creatures. I have an arsenal of powders, sprays, liquids, and filters to help combat cat odors in my home, but there is one secret weapon that I cannot live without. The CritterZone Air Naturalizer is a compact device that immediately eliminates odors. I keep one near the litter box running on the low setting and if there is a particularly bad odor after one of the cats uses the box, I turn up the CritterZone for a few minutes and the odor is gone within minutes.

CritterZone technology is described as an “air naturalizer”. The device emits large amounts of both positive and negative ions. These “energized” particles have the ability to naturally clean the air, similar to what happens in nature with the power of the sun and wind. It’s basically like creating fresh air inside your home.

It’s important to understand what the CritterZone is not. It isn’t and air filter, so it has no filters to change. It isn’t an ionizer, although it uses positive and negative ions to clean the air, the technology is different and much more powerful. It isn’t an ozone generator, although you may occassionally detect a faint ozone smell, this comes from the oxygen being converted to a very small amount of ozone, but it is far less than what occurs naturally outdoors.

This is not just another gadget coming from a nameless, faceless factory. CritterZone is a family-owned company based in Minneapolis, MN. CritterZone inventor Bill Converse is an expert in the air purification industry with three decades of experience developing products and consulting in the industry. I have worked with this company for over a decade now and I have only good things to say about them and their products.

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