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The folks over at RompiCatz clearly understand the challenges that cat owners face when storing wand toys. The biggest issue is how to deal with tangled strings. Well, here’s a new solution to that problem and it also provides you with three wand cats toys in one.

The new RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand Toys come with a long string that easily tucks away inside the hollow handle. Simply pull the string all the way through the handle to retract it, wrap the string around your fingers creating a little bundle, then wrap some more string around the bundle, tuck it inside the handle and snap the cover closed. Easy storage without any tangled strings!

This design feature also lets you adjust the length of the string when playing. Just repeat the same procedure as above but leave out as much string as you like, place the rest of the string inside the handle and start playing. You can create a very short string for close-up play, a medium length string for smaller spaces or a long string for full range jumping and playing.

Choose from three different toy attachments:

You can also purchase replacement toys and string.

We got to test the Adjustable String Wand with the bug toy attachment and it really drove the cats nuts! They love it! Check out the full range of RompiCatz cat toys on Amazon.


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