Macaron Raised Ceramic Cat Dish

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I’m always on the lookout for stylish raised feeding dishes for cats so when I saw these new Macaron Bowls on Kickstarter I was intrigued. On closer inspection, they have some really interesting features I’ve never seen before in a raised feeding dish.

Macaron Raised Ceramic Cat Dish - Designer Colors

First, the Macaron Bowls are made from dishwasher-safe ceramic with certified lead-free and food-grade finishes in a variety of beautiful colors. Ceramic dishes are easy to keep clean, helping prevent kitty acne.

Macaron Raised Ceramic Cat Dish Helps Cats Eat with Better Posture

Macaron Bowls come in four sizes that can be used alone or paired together to create a number of different configurations. The small and medium dishes sit on top or underneath the large and extra large bowls, allowing you to adjust the height and the depth of the bowl on top. Rearrange your bowl to accommodate wet food, dry food or water while finding the perfect height for your cat to eat or drink comfortably.

Macaron Raised Ceramic Cat Dish

Macaron Raised Ceramic Cat Dish

What I love the most is that the Macaron Bowls are extremely sturdy in any configuration, making them very difficult for cats to tip over. I think the modularity and the overall design make these raised feeding dishes quite innovative.

The Macaron Bowls are currently available on Kickstarter and you can add on a matching mug for yourself! Visit the Macaron Bowl Kickstarter page, but hurry, their campaign ends on September 17, 2020.

Macaron Raised Ceramic Designer Cat Dish

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