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There’s been a lot of really interesting technology for cats hitting the market lately, and this new gadget is no exception. Introducing TrickyPaw, an intelligent cat toy that taps into your cat’s hunting instincts using sight, sound and touch. I find it quite intriguing and I think cats will, too.

TrickyPaw features an animated LED light that is safe for cats to play with. The light moves around the circular toy mimicking the movement of small prey. The app allows you to choose one of nine different preprogrammed routes or you can customize your own. 

There are also nine different realistic sounds to attract kitty’s attention, including chirping birds, mice (both the animals and the computer version), meowing cats, ringing bells, crickets, flies and more.

Textured pieces on the surface of TrickyPaw give kitty something to grab onto, simulating the feeling of catching prey, but do keep in mind that any laser-light-type toy should be accompanied by something soft that cats can grab and kick and then follow up with a high quality snack so they get the feeling of really catching their prey.

There are two accessories for the TrickyPaw that snap on to the top, creating an enclosed or semi-enclosed area where the LED light can “hide”. The Castle accessory is a little dome with four openings and the Cheese accessory has holes on top for kitty to poke her paws through.

TrickyPaw is now available on Kickstarter. Choose from mint or white or get a 2-pack with one of each color. Expected to ship in November 2020. I think my cats are going to love this!

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