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Get your cat up and moving with these fun new toys from RompiCatz! Three Japanese-designed wand toys, each with shimmery iridescent mylar teasers that make a fantastic wing-flapping noise when you move them around. Guaranteed to drive your cat wild–in a good way!

The RompiCatz Rustlin’ Iridescent Teaser has the mylar toy attached directly to the end of the wand, perfect for interacting with kitty close-up. This kind of wand cat toy gives you more control over the attachment, allowing you to really shake it and get the most of the fluttery sound. 

The RompiCatz Rustlin’ Butterlfy Teaser is made with a flexible wire attached to a short handle. The wire lets you control the three separate mylar toys, making them bounce through the air like real butterflies.

And finally, the RompiCatz Rustlin’ Winged Bug Teaser features a larger mylar toy attached to a 33″ string with an 18″ handle. This toy flies through the air, making kitty run and jump to catch the bug.

This collection offers three different types of cat wand toys: a teaser, a wire toy and a string toy, each encouraging different kinds of play. The mylar pieces are quite durable and the crunchy sound is irresistible to cats. We got to test all three and the cats go nuts for them! All three RompiCatz Mylar Cat Toys are made in Japan and available on Amazon.

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