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There’s an exciting new cat product launching now on Kickstarter and you won’t want to miss out! It’s KittySpring, a simple yet elegant water fountain that provides your cat with fresh water, minus the hassle of an electric motor to maintain.

KittySpring is a gravity fed water dispenser that has a long-lasting stainless steel filter and a wide shallow dish to prevent whisker stress, caused when a cat’s whiskers brush against the sides of a dish. Water quietly bubbles up through the center of the dish as kitty drinks, keeping the dish full at all times. Simply rinse the parts to clean, refill the clear water tank, and you’re set with 2 days of water for one cat.

KittySpring is made from FDA and RoHS certified non-toxic materials that are lightweight but sturdy. The design of the base and water dish make it difficult for cats to tip over, plus it comes with a non-slip mat.

The plastic dish is available in crystal clear or emerald green, or you can get a KittySpring with a glass dish.

The KittySpring Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded, so that means you will definitely receive your fountain when they ship, starting in October. Visit KittySpring on Kickstarter now to take advantage of special savings when you back this project!

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