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Ava Rabiner just graduated from high school and was planning to attend college in New York this fall to study illustration, but with everything going on in the world she decided to hold off on school for now and instead has started creating these fantastic custom pet portraits! It’s no doubt that Ava is talented, she is the daughter of fashion designer Elana Carello whose cat sweaters we featured last month.

Ava is a big cat lover, having grown up with her beloved black cat Junior, who recently passed away. Drawing on her love of cats, Ava can create a totally unique custom portrait of your cat, available as a digital file or printed on  premium watercolor paper. Visit Ava’s online shop Portraits Pet Studio on Etsy to order yours today and use discount code HAUSPANTHER to get 10% off!

You can also follow Ava on Instagram @napkin_art_girl.

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