When I first saw this cat tower I was really excited because I had never seen anything quite like it. This is Happystack, a sturdy three-story cat tower that easily assembles with a brilliant patented hinge. The tower stands 40.5″ tall and 22″ square at the base creating three spacious stacked hideaways. The outside and top of each level are covered with a low-pile indoor/outdoor carpet, available in four different colors. The carpet allows cats to scratch and climb with ease.

Each level has four sides, two solid and with two with oval openings measuring 5.5″ x 8″. You can position the openings on any side, then stack the levels on top of each other in any orientation. The top of each level also has an opening that allows cats to move up and down inside the tower. You can position these openings in any orientation, as well, allowing you to completely customize your tower.

Happystack cat towers can be easily disassembled for storage, or simply stack the three nesting levels inside each other. Best of all, Happystack cat towers are 100% made in the USA. I’m really excited that these new cat towers are now available for the first time from shop.hauspanther.com for $199, including shipping to addresses in the continental US. I’ve been testing the Happystack tower with my cats and it is a huge hit!