Stylish Modern Pet Steps Stairs

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Pet stairs are a useful Catification tool that can help both tiny kittens and older cats easily access furniture, like beds and sofas, that might otherwise be a little too high for them to reach. I’ve seen a lot of unattractive pet steps over the years, but recently several new designs have become available, some with extra features like storage or hideaways. Check out these attractive pet stairs that won’t look awful in your home!

Mod-century Modern Wood Pet Steps with Storage

My favorite are the Esker Wooden Pet Steps from Staart, available in Alpine White or Mocha Walnut and in two sizes. These pet steps have a storage compartment under one riser plus open spaces that allow cats to walk through or hangout inside. The treads look a bit slick but I think you could add a piece of carpet without ruining the clean modern aesthetic. Available from

Folding Pet Stairs Steps

Folding pet stairs are a popular option because you can easily store them away when not needed. These three models are clean and modern with neutral colors that won’t be an eyesore.

White Contemporary Pet Steps for Cats

Some pet stairs have a more furniture-like aesthetic, offering a range of styles from contemporary to more traditional. All of these have carpeted treads to prevent slipping.

Contemporary and Traditional Wood Pet Steps

Modern Grey Foam Pet Steps

Soft pet steps made from fabric-covered foam are another option. Above we have the Zinus Easy Pet Stairs in grey velveteen and a two-tone grey and light grey version, both with removable, washable covers and available in multiple sizes from

Soft Designer Pet Steps with Colorful Fabrics and Patterns

Majestic Pet makes a 3-step and a 4-step pet stair in a wide variety of decorative fabrics with soft plush on the treads. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like! Available from

Folding Portable Pet Steps for Small Dogs and Cats

I thought this was an interesting concept. These Collapsible Pet Stairs from Jaybly use the same structure as folding storage boxes. They are light and easy to move, plus you can use the bins for storage, but they do have a recommended weight limit of 17 lbs. Available from

Contemporary Pet Stairs with Cutouts and Hideaways for Cats

And finally, there are several styles of pet stairs that have cutaways in the sides, creating a cat hideaway underneath. These ship unassembled and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

If you have a set of pet steps that you like, please tell us about them in the comments!

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