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Fountains are a great way to get cats to drink more water because cats are hardwired to prefer moving water, which is less likely to be contaminated than stagnant water out in nature. But some cats are obsessed with the falling water stream that comes from the faucet. If you have a cat that likes to drink from the faucet, then you’re going to love this drinking fountain from Pioneer Pet!

The Swan Fountain recreates a free-falling water stream, just like a faucet. This means that you don’t have to turn the faucet on every time kitty wants a drink, or leave it on, wasting tons of water. The Swan Fountain recirculates the water through a charcoal filter, keeping it fresh and clean. Cats can also drink from the basin, which holds 80 oz of water.

The Swan Fountain creates an elegant water feature in your home. Simply plug it in to a standard wall outlet or you can even connect it to a USB port. The pump is easy to keep clean and the plastic fountain parts are dishwasher safe. Available from

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