Look closely, this ornate Parisian-themed bedroom is actually designed in miniature just for cats! Cat lover Michèle Fougères created this special space in memory of her cat Jaimito who passed away at age 14 after a happy life with Michèle including two years living in France. Now her three cats Eloísa, Mila and Jaimita enjoy this fancy boudoir.

Michèle and her husband live in Cuenca, Ecuador. The Suisse chalet-style architecture of their home creates lots of small storage areas in the corners of the roof. These spaces are just the right size for cats, so they decided to catify, and boy did they certainly go all out with this project!

The details are incredible, including ornate trim around the door and window, fancy framed cat portraits on the wall, miniature furniture and little touches everywhere that catch your eye and make you smile. There’s even a view of the Eiffel Tower!

Cats are not very popular in Ecuador, but Michèle hopes to change that attitude by designing fun spaces like her Parisian cat bedroom that give cats a space to enjoy while also telling a story about the cats and bringing pleasure to the cat guardians. Michèle, you’re doing a fantastic job! Keep up the great work!

Here’s a little video tour of this fantastic cat bedroom: