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I know this may seem like a strange Valentine’s Day recommendation, but you need to get your cat one of these Valentine’s Day Catnip Snakes from Patti Haskins! Why? Because I guarantee your cat will fall in love with it!

Patti’s catnip snakes truly make cats go wild. They are filled with the very best catnip and there’s something about the size and shape that taps into their predatory instincts. My cat Andy goes completely nuts when I take out his catnip snake. He tosses it around, bites it and kicks the living daylights out of it. It’s so much fun to watch!

The special Valentine’s Day Catnip Snake features a red and black batik fabric, but you can also check out all of the other beautiful colors and prints in Patti’s Etsy Shop. Catnip snakes are $15 each. Use coupon code MULTIPLE when purchasing two or more catnip snakes for 20% off your total.

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