Exciting news! You can now add a whole bunch of new accessories to your Katt3 Modular Cat Climbing System to make it even more entertaining and enriching for your cat! Check out all these awesome add-ons, now available!

First we have the Katt3 Felt Tipi. This little hideaway can be attached to any of the Katt3 Kubes or it can be used alone on the floor. It has a big round window in the side, a hanging feather toy and it comes with a super soft cushion for inside. Made from soft gray felt with a wooden frame. Just $29.99 and it will add another whole level to your Katt3!

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Next we have the new Katt3 Cardboard Catwalk, a sturdy cardboard ramp and scratcher than creates a walkway for your cat to get into the upper levels of the Katt3 or it makes a nice scratching surface. The Catwalk is double-sided with one smooth side and one wavy side. Measures 35″ long and 8″ wide, $24.99.

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Another fun add-on is the Katt3 Kattnap Bridge. This fabric hammock attaches between two Kubes creating a walkway and lounging surface that molds to your cat’s body. I imagine this will be a new favorite hangout spot! Measures 23″ x 11″, $16.99

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Add a splash of color to your Katt3 with the new black & red Buffalo Print. The new print is available on the Memory Foam Cushion, the Cloud Pillow and on a new Catnip Cushion Toy.

You can also get the new Pinecone Print on the Memory Foam Cushion or the Cloud Pillow.

And if your cat prefers to scratch on sisal, you can now get a Sisal Scratch Pad for your Katt3! This grey sisal scratch pad attaches to the side of any Kube and can be easily replaced when it becomes worn. $11.99.

You can also dress up your Katt3 with the new faux wood Decorative Panels. These panels attach to the open side of any Kube adding style to your Katt3 system while also providing cats with more privacy. Available in walnut or oak for $9.99.

And finally, there are some fun new toys for the Katt3 that will add extra entertainment for your cat! The Crackle Ball Toy and the Faux Furball Toy add interesting textures that your cat will love, both are $3.99. The Party Triangles easily attaches to the Katt3 clips allowing you to move it around and try different locations. Each felt flag has a jingle bell inside for extra fun! $6.99.

Check out all the new Katt3 accessories at shop.hauspanther.com for shipping to US addresses!