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Looking to add a little whimsy to your everyday routine? Then check out Happy Kitty Ceramics, adorably functional tea cups and mugs, each handcrafted to be one of a kind.

Happy Kitty Ceramics are designed by artist Annette Provenzo and handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona. Annette and her partner Jacob create each piece using a combination of slip casting and hand building techniques. Annette finishes each piece by hand, adding little details that make every one unique.

I love all the details like pointy ears on top and a heart in the bottom. Tiny tails create the handles and little kitty paws serve as feet!

Happy Kitty Ceramics offers a range of sizes including 1.5 oz espresso cups for $15, 6 oz tea cups for $35 and 8 oz mugs for $38. Choose from solid color cats, common breeds, patchy tabby, spotted and striped tabby designs.

These are almost too cute to use, but they were designed specifically to bring a smile to your face when you have your morning cup of coffee or tea!

Visit the Happy Kitty Ceramics Etsy shop to see all the styles!

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