The Save-a-Pet Adoption Center in Grayslake, IL recently renovated their cat colony rooms and they turned to Mountain Pet Products for the perfect cat trees to give the resident kitties places to climb, perch, scratch and play.


When designing a cat shelter, there are a lot of considerations. First, all of the furniture has to be durable, since it needs to withstand the use of many cats. Next, everything has to be easily sanitized in order to prevent the spread of any illnesses. It’s tricky to come up with cat furniture that meets both these requirements and still looks good.


Save-a-Pet also wanted cat furniture that was natural, so Mountain Pet Products was the perfect fit. Their new minimalist cat tree design — made with no carpeting, which is very hard to clean and impossible to sanitize — is handcrafted from natural wood and the platforms are sealed for easy cleaning. The trees have sisal scratchers that can be removed for cleaning or replaced when they become worn.


The trees have multiple platforms at various heights for cats to perch and nap on. They added some cat house hideaways to provide more secluded areas for cats looking to take a break from the action. The hideaways have cotton fabric walls that attach with Velcro, so they are easy to remove and wash.


I love the addition of seating for visitors in the photo above, it’s important to give visitors a place to sit so they can spend time getting to know the cats.


The cat trees are placed throughout the facility, some near windows so cats can enjoy Cat TV.


If you’re ever in Graysake, make sure to stop by and check out this awesome kitty paradise!