This is brilliant! I’ve seen lots of DIY ideas for cutting access holes for cats through interior doors but finishing the edges of the cutout is always the biggest challenge. Unless you are a professional carpenter (or want to hire one), the results can be less than attractive. Well, here’s a solution! The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door makes it easy to create an adorable, beautifully finished cat cutout in any standard door!


The Kitty Pass is a frame that fits into a cutout you make in any door (you still have to have some cutting skills!) The front of the frame has cat ears and the back has a tail! The frame is finished in white semi-gloss, but you can easily paint it to match your decor.


The frame fits any standard door measuring 1 1/4″ to 1 3/4″ thick. Comes with installation instructions and a template for cutting the door perfectly. And it’s made in the USA!

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door is available from Amazon for about $42.