Get your kitty ready to do battle! With a laser pointer and some furry mice, that is! Check out the Sneaky Pete Interactive Cat Tank from LudiPuss. It’s a one-of-a-kind-creation that’s being auctioned off to raise funds for some kitties in need.


This cat tank was custom built in the UK as a special fundraiser for two cats @specialgraciecat and @mookeet75. The auction is running now on eBayUK and will end in just a few days. Check out all the cool features this Cat Tank has to offer!


There’s a laser light mounted on the front of the tank, hidden mice inside the tank and four pingpong ball play centers. Send a pingpong ball down the gun barrel and it gets caught in the circular ball toy underneath the hatch!


Both of the tracks and the gun barrel are covered in sisal for scratching and there’s a sisal ball dangling from the end of the barrel. The body rotates 360 degrees and there are two entrances, one through the top hatch and another via a hinged ramp in the back. They’ve thought of everything!


Unfortunately, it’s only available for shipping to the UK, but whoever wins this will have some very happy cats, plus they’ll be helping out some sweet kitties in need! Bid now if you’re in the UK!