Here’s another one of those Ah Ha! products, brilliant in every way! It’s the Hide & Sneak Paper Bag Cat Tunnel from Dezi & Roo, an expandable brown craft paper cat tunnel that will provide hours of entertainment and enrichment for your cat — at a very affordable price!


The Hide & Sneak foods flat for easy storage and shipping. When expanded, it measures 12″ x 12″ x 32.5″ with openings on both ends. The ends panel are reinforced with sturdy paperboard.

As you can see, the Hide & Sneak created a frenzy at our house. It’s fun for hiding inside and also jumping on top (especially when someone else is already inside!) The familiar crinkle of a paper bag is enticing to cats, but this is so much more than a paper bag! Your cat will love to hang out in and on the Hide & Sneak, and at $7.99 it won’t be a heartache when it’s time to recycle it and get a new one.

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The Hide & Sneak is available from deziroo.com for $7.99 each plus shipping, or stock up and get two for $19.99 with free shipping or an even better deal, 3 for $24.99 with free shipping.