We’ve been huge fans of Thirstycat Fountains for years, so we’re very excited to show you these two exclusive new designs that are being made just for Hauspanther! Ceramic artist Keith Davitt has been making exquisite cat drinking fountains for years — hand-throwing and shaping each one and finishing it with one of his signature glazes. Keith’s fountains are more like functional works of art, adding a beautiful water feature to your home and helping to keep your cat hydrated.


Thirstycat Fountains feature an adjustable, long-lasting water pump. These two designs direct the water upward through an anti-microbial copper spout. The fountains are extremely easy to keep clean since they only contain a few parts — the basin, the pump with a foam pre-filter, a ceramic centerpiece that hides the pump, and a decorative ceramic piece to hide the pump cord. The cord exits the base of the fountain through a water-tight feedthrough.


We have two exclusive new shapes to share with you, the soft rectangle, which comes with a shell-shaped cord cover and the soft square, which comes with a leaf-shaped cord cover. Both are available in small, medium or large and in eight different food-safe glazes. Small is $175, medium $185 and large $195, all including shipping to US addresses. Available from


Thirstycat makes tons of other shapes and sizes as well. Check out all their other styles at or find them on Etsy.