Fundamentally Feline has done it again! Atlanta-based Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Ingrid Johnson and her husband Jake Egolf provide environmental enrichment services to help create indoor environments for cats, and this is their latest project. Ingrid and Jake designed and installed this fabulous climbing wall for their client’s two cats, Celina and Balthazar.


Celina and Balthazar are not the best of friends, in fact, Celina had been spending most of her time in the closet, but as you can see, they are both happy to share their new vertical space. This is a great example of how expanding territory can help cats come out from hiding and be a part of the family. Just by adding some climbing shelves and perches in a socially significant part of the home (the master bedroom), the cats are now out and about and living a fuller, richer life.


This climbing wall includes two wall-mounted vertical scratching/climbing poles on either side, plus step shelves and larger shelves (all topped with carpet to prevent slipping), plus two crescent shaped wall-mounted loungers, a signature piece found in the Fundamentally Feline repertoire. Plenty of entrances and exits on this superhighway and comfy destinations, too. Well done!


This is just one of many awesome Catification projects Ingrid and Jake have completed. Visit to see other projects and to learn more about the services they offer.


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