If you live anywhere near San Jose, CA you’ll definitely want to check out this wonderful project! It’s The Dancing Cat, a cat adoption lounge and creative space where people can hangout with cats in a beautiful and soothing environment. This is what I call Catification!


The Dancing Cat is a non-profit pop-up cat adoption lounge in the heart of Silicon Valley. The space opened in May and will operate through November 15, 2015. The lounge was created in a old store front as a temporary event to test the concept as a prototype for a possible permanent project.

UPDATE: The Dancing Cat is now a permanent cat adoption lounge! Visit thedancingcat.org for more details.


Adult cats from Town Cats of Morgan Hill, Silicon Valley Pet Project, and San Jose Animal Care Center are brought in to hang out in the space and visit with guests. The Dancing Cat keeps 10 to 12 cats at a time. All the cats are adoptable and 30 have already found forever homes!


Visitors at The Dancing Cat are welcome to bring snacks and drinks and free wi-fi is available if you want to do some work while you hangout with the cats.


The cats have all kinds of amenities: big, bright windows to look out, comfy beds to nap on, cat trees, shelves and perches for climbing, cat grass to munch on and, of course, plenty of cat toys to keep them busy. They also have a private sanctuary in the back, if they need to get away for a break.



Heidi Diebel coordinated the beautiful interior design, creating an inviting space that’s pleasant for both cats and human guests. I love the colorful paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, almost like giant cat toys!



Visit TheDancingCat.org to learn more about this special space and to book a time to visit or donate to help this project find a permanent home. Ann Chasson and Mary Rubin are the visionaries behind this wonderful concept. Thank you to RaMar Lumière Photography for these stunning photos!