OK, this is the best thing I’ve seen all year! I predict this will be a HUGE gift item this holiday season. It’s a new game called Cat Jenga, and if I had this on my desk, I wouldn’t get any work done!


Calling it Jenga is a bit misleading, since that game is played by stacking all the blocks and then strategically removing pieces and placing them on top of the tower without letting the whole thing fall over. This game is more of a stacking game where you try to balance the little cat silhouette shaped pieces on top of each other. Never mind the game, I just want all the pieces!


There are four different sets each with six cat shapes for a total of 24 different pieces. The pieces measure about 1.5 inches and are cut from natural teak. Each set sells for $19.99.



Cat Jenga is available for pre-order now on Amazon, scheduled to ship in October. Each set comes in a little pouch with different colored thread. I see many hours of entertainment in the future!

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