Scraaaatch is a new line of modern cat scratchers that are both functional and attractive with some interesting features that caught my eye. The first design, called Stool (shown above), takes the idea of a vertical floor standing scratcher and flips it on its head. The carpeted platform on top creates a perch supported by four sturdy scratching posts wrapped in high quality sisal rope. I like that it combines both carpet and sisal rope scratching surfaces, offering some variety, plus the carpet is available in several fun bright colors.


Next we have Pipe, a long horizontal scratcher inspired by a tree trunk. Pips is a hollow tube that ships empty in order to reduce shipping costs, then you fill it with sand (they recommend dry silica sand, which you can find at garden centers) to act as a ballast holding the scratcher in place while kitty does her thing. Pipe sits on a two-piece wooden stand and comes with your choice of colorful end caps that coordinate with the carpet options for Stool.

Scraaaatch1And finally, with a more minimal esthetic, we have Deck, a generous scratching board covered with sisal boucle carpet that can be used horizontally or mounted to the wall for vertical scratching.

This family of scratchers offers a nice variety of scratching options. All of the Scraaaatch products are handcrafted in London and are available for shipping world. Please visit for more info and pricing.

via Make Them Roar