This beautiful cat climbing wall is the work of Fundamentally Feline, a cat behavior consulting company located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Ingrid Johnson and her husband Jake Egolf provide environmental enrichment services to help create indoor environments for cats, and they do it with style!


This project for their client Alisha is a great example of how to create vertical space. Alisha and her husband have opened their hearts — and their home — to many cats, so they really needed to expand the territory a bit in order to reduce some inter-cat issues they were experiencing. Ingrid and Jake designed this customized climbing wall, complete with vertical scratchers and lots of comfy perches.


Alisha reports that with the addition of the new climbing wall, her cats are happier and getting along better. This is probably just the first of several projects! Please visit for more info about the services they provide.

Thanks to Alisha, Ingrid and Jake for the photos!