I’m thrilled to share this beautiful new line of pet products from MDeluxe. The collection includes beds, feeders, and scratchers made with unique, eco-friendly materials and sleek European styling. There are some very interesting innovations that I think will make excellent contributions to the world of pet design.


All of the products are made from Kerrock, a composite material that can be formed into any shape, plus it’s durable, hygienic and stain resistant. This seems to be the perfect material for making pet products since it is easy to keep clean and will withstand constant use over time. It could be an excellent material to explore for use in shelter environments, too. Not to mention that it’s beautiful and completely recyclable.

The product that intrigues me the most is the ARIA wall-mounted scratcher. The scratcher attaches to the wall, providing a small lip at the bottom for kitty to stand on while she scratches on the natural sisal pad. You know how much I love anything that attaches the the wall! ARIA looks to be large enough to give kitty a good stretch while she scratches, plus the bottom ledge creates a nice little perch.


I also love the FORMA bed & scratcher, a combination cat bed and inclined sisal scratcher that looks like modern art. The bed cushion is made with memory foam and covered with vegan-friendly synthetic leather.


Another wall-mouted item, the ESCA WALL feeder, has two stainless steel bowls suspended in a Kerrock frame. Beautiful mounting hardware adds the perfect modern accent.


In addition to the wall-mounted feeder, the line includes three variations of a raised feeder with dual stainless steel bowls.


And finally, the QUIES bed will give your cat an elegant option for lounging, also with a memory foam cushion covered in synthetic leather. There are three variations of the QUIES bed.


Support MDeluxe on Indiegogo!

MDeluxe is launching their line with an Indiegogo campaign that just started today. Visit their campaign page to see pricing for all the products and take advantage of some special packages they are offering as part of the campaign. You could be the first to have some of these gorgeous pieces of modern cat design for your cat!