Hey, everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying our new book Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!). If you haven’t snapped one up yet, you can get it here.

Our goal in writing Catification was to get you inspired to Catify, so of course we want to see what you’ve done!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be asking about specific projects in your home. They might be things you’ve worked on since reading the book, or they might be bigger projects that you have yet to tackle. No worries! We want to see it all! The more we share ideas with other cat guardians, the more we can help each other to create awesome environments for our cats and build our community.

This week we’re asking you to show us your litter box! Please click the link below to fill out our questionnaire and upload some photos to show us what you have going on. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for us!