Here’s some excellent kitten marketing! Just Cats Clinic in Reston, Virginia recently created this wonderful playroom inside their clinic. The space is used by local rescue groups to show adoptable kittens when the clinic is open. I can’t think of a better display!

The playroom is bright and open with windows facing a busy walkway in a shopping plaza. People passing by can watch the kittens playing or napping in the sun, then hopefully come in for a visit and bring home a new family member.

The space was designed by Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles, the veterinarian and owner of Just Cats Clinic. Dr. Arguelles worked with an architect and contractor to create this amazing design. They incorporated a wonderful cat superhighway giving the kittens lots of levels to explore and places to perch. The tree trunks provide a great natural scratching surface and beautiful aesthetic.

If you’re ever in Reston, make sure to stop by Just Cats Clinic to see this marvelous space and visit the kittens! You can learn more about them at

Photos by Potok’s World Photography, LLC