Superstar cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy has partnered with pet product manufacturer Petmate to launch The Jackson Galaxy Collection, a new new line of innovative cat products that will thrill cat guardians everywhere! Jackson’s 20 plus years of experience working with cats is helping him redefine the cat play category and create a line of products that will truly make a difference in the lives of cats.


I saw the collection for the first time this week at the SuperZoo pet product expo in Las Vegas. The collection includes a variety of toys, wands, tunnels, and tents, all designed specifically to appeal to a cat’s natural instincts and preferences. They made sure to use colors that are distinguishable to cats (purple, green and yellow) and textures and materials that cats love.


There are several toys in the line that appease to cats that prefer ground hunting. Some of these toys are what Jackson refers to as “remote toys”, toys that you throw across the floor for cats to chase and pounce on. There are a variety of shapes and textures, all carefully developed to emulate a different type of prey.



Larger items accommodate foraging and hunting instincts, like “Go Fish” (pictured above), a slow feeding treat tray with removable silicone fish tails that allow you to adjust the difficulty.


The Galaxy Spiral features a circular track with LED light-up ball and a corrugated scratch pad on top that also acts as a “scent soaker”, something that’s very important for building territorial confidence.


The Comfy Cocoon creates a cozy place for cats to get away with a built-in structure to keep it from collapsing and a zipper closure on the back creating an alternate escape route.


Other products include the Base Camp cat carrier that connects to the Cat Crawl tunnels to make a fun play space for cats, getting them familiar with the carrier and making trips to the vet less stressful.


What I think are the most innovative cat toys are the two Mojo Maker wands toys that Jackson is also very excited about. Both have telescoping rods, making them easier to story or carry around (brilliant!). One is specifically for cats who prefer ground prey. This one uses a thin wire to attach a segmented toy that slithers across the floor. This will be crazy-making for cats!


The second Mojo Maker wand is for cats who like to chase airborne prey. This one also has the telescoping rod, but at the end there is a retractable string that attaches to a feather toy. You can adjust the length of the string for playtime and for easy storage. There will be lots of interchangeable attachments for both wands.


This is just a sampling of the Jackson Galaxy Collection from Petmate, which will be available in stores in October. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on availability. Int he meantime, check out this video with Jackson showing the new collection in action: