Get ready for some of the most stunning Catification ever! Professional fashion photographer Asami Zenri has turned her lens on her three cats — Rum, Kiki and Dante — and their beautifully Catified home. Asami and her husband have added all kinds of Catification features to give the cats places to play and rest, also creating a backdrop for some pretty incredible cat photos!


One of the center pieces of the home — and it looks like one of the most popular hangout spots — is a cat tree made with the Ikea Stolmen pole and platforms from Hollywood Franklin in a bright white finish with grey carpet tiles. What a perfect perch for Rum and Kiki!



Simple shelves throughout the house are cleared of nicknacks so cats can enjoy them as perches and resting spots.


A hanging storage net from Ikea adds a splash of color and gives cats an easy suspended climber, for just $5! Nice Catification hack!


The cats have an amazing superhighway in the living room, created with wall climbing shelves from ContempoCat. Stay tuned! We’re going to show you much more of this superhighway soon, plus we have a BIG surprise coming up from ContempoCat!


What a perfect setting for the elegant Lui Cat Scratcher available from


This lovely terrarium brings the outside in but keeps the greenery just out of kitty’s reach. (well, almost.)



Strategically placed cat baskets create perfect napping spots.



This is just a taste of the incredible Catification and photography from this beautiful cat family. Check out more of Asami’s amazing photos on her personal blog I can’t get enough!