Maha wanted to Catify her apartment in Chicago for her three black cats Mo, Yasmina, and Rami (and orange foster, Joe, who has since found a forever home), so she called in the team at The Vertical Cat to create this custom installation. The Catification elements needed to blend seamlessly with her beautiful contemporary decor, plus she wanted to integrate the two large windows into the climbing wall.


They created an exquisite Cat Superhighway using The Vertical Cat’s Cat Shelves, Window Cat Walks and Cat Tunnels. Each piece was custom finished in burgundy with grey carpet inserts.


There are two on/off ramps along the superhighway, one in the middle between the windows and another off to the right. I’d like to see another one on the left side and then I’d call this perfect!


From Maha:

“My babies LOVE the cat shelves! They’re always running up and down. They especially love the custom cat walks where they watch the city below. And they love the kitty-face cutout cubby holes where they take their “cat” naps. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the shelves so thank you!”

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