This wonderful Catification project was submitted by Hauspanther reader Amrys who lives in a 72 square meter (775 square foot) flat in Singapore with her three rescue cats and one rescue dog. She was inspired by the work that Jackson Galaxy and I are doing with Catification and decided to create a cat superhighway running throughout the entire space.


The superhighway runs from the front of the home all the way to the utility room in the back where the cat litter is.



Amrys had a builder come in to install the custom walkway running across the ceiling, along with custom wooden climbing shelves. He also installed several Wave Cat Perches from Urban Pet Haus in a couple of different areas. The Wave Perches are the perfect addition to the superhighway, adding a decorative accent that the cats absolutely love.


Amrys’ three cats are Meow (5.5 yr old female, calico head & tail, white body), TC (3 yr old male, flame point Siamese with baby blue eyes) and Sgt. Pepper (1 yr old female, calico with black spots and leggings). The new superhighway has really helped the three cats plus Amrys’ dog live together peacefully. From Amrys:

“Meow, my oldest female cat, is a loner by nature and having so many options to explore and enjoy the new vertical space while avoiding the other two younger cats has allowed her to spend more time in the living and dining areas. My bedroom can now accommodate all three cats with the option to climb up and look down on everyone else.”



What I love is that Amrys integrated the tops of existing furniture into the superhighway. You don’t have to build the entire thing from scratch, just connect surfaces that already exist.



As with all good cat superhighways, Amrys’ highway allows the cats to navigate the entire space without touching the floor. This is ideal, but not always possible. She also made sure to include multiple on- and off-ramps so the cats can avoid conflict when traversing the highway. Great design!



Amrys is a volunteer community cat caregiver and helps run a TNR program in her neighborhood. All three of her cats and her dog were rescued and they give her great joy. It’s wonderful to see how she created such a cozy and cat-friendly home for them all!


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