Here’s an interesting new invention that I think all of you DIYers out there will be very excited about! It’s the Purr-ifier, a new litter box odor filtration system. It’s basically a small box measuring about 5″ x 5″ x 3″ containing a high tech filter and a fan. It’s designed as an add-on to any inexpensive covered litter box, simply block off the existing vent holes on the box (the kit includes an easy to install sticker to do so), attach the Purr-ifier, plug it in to a wall outlet and you’ve got the equivalent of an expensive litter box with a built-in air filtration system. A pretty clever idea, but the minute I saw it, I knew it had other uses.


Imagine the Possibilities!

We’ve written about lots of inventive DIY cat litter box hiders, including Alexis’ Stylish DIY Litter Box Hider and the awesome Ikea Hack Litter Box Hideaway, both shown above. What if you used the Purr-ifier for a project like this? It’s the perfect addition, you’d just have to plan your project to include the correct size hole and place it near a wall outlet.


Pictured above, Sari’s DIY Litter Box Hider and Lenna’s DIY Damask Litter Box Hiders.

How It Works

The Purr-ifier uses a specially engineered triple-action filter containing zeolite coated carbon, virgin coconut shell activated carbon, and an outer layer of polyester with activated carbon. This combination provides superior odor filtration, far beyond the flimsy filters that often come with regular covered litter boxes. The unit also contains an ultra-quiet fan (I tested it and it really is ultra-quiet!) that pulls the air from inside the litter box through the filter and releases clean air into the room. The air in the litter box is constantly circulating and there’s no noise to scare the cats away. The filter is supposed to last up to two months, depending on how much use your litter box gets.

$5 off Just for Hauspanther Readers!

I’m definitely going to incorporate one of these filters on my next DIY litter box hider project! If you want to try one, too, either on your existing covered litter box or on a DIY project, you can get $5 off by entering discount code hauspanther when shopping at www.purr-ifier.com. The Purr-ifier sells for $29.99 including one filter, or you can get one Purr-ifier plus six replacement filters for $94.99. Single replacement filters are $14.99 each or six for $74.99.

Visit www.purr-ifier.com for more info and to order one today. If you use your Purr-ifier on a DIY project, please submit photos to share with others!