DIY Damask Litter Box Hiders

Lenna from Toronto, Ontario got creative when she and her partner and their two cats downsized from 1400 sq. ft. to just 950. She needed a way to conceal the litter boxes without taking up valuable space. She hit the thrift stores and came home with two similar sized storage benches and set to work disguising them. Her dad helped by cutting openings in the end of each bench and finishing the edges with black electrical tape while Lenna and her mom covered the benches with this awesome black and white damask wallpaper and painted the trim black.

Lenna found just the right size plastic boxes for inside and placed black rubber bar mats underneath to catch loose litter (brilliant!). The benches fit perfectly in the entryway, providing a place to sit and giving the cats a semi-private place to do their business.

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