Here’s your chance to get crafty and help feed some shelter cats! I’m really pleased to announce the latest campaign of the Pet Postcard Project. This unique project, created by my friend Nikki Moustaki, helps raise food and awareness for shelter animals by partnering with pet food companies who donate the food, and getting creative animals lovers, like you, to do something fun to show your support. This campaign is being sponsored by Halo and (I love! I get their daily email and I click every single day to help donate food to shelter cats, plus the daily trivia question is awesome!)


A different animal shelter is chosen as the recipient for each Pet Postcard Project campaign and a certain number of meals are offered by the sponsor. Then animals lovers everywhere make colorful, creative postcards to show their support and mail the postcards in to the project. If the animal shelter receives a certain number of postcards, then they will get the free meals. Here’s how Nikki explains it:

This time there’s a twist! This campaign includes a challenge between the dogs and the cats! Two rescue groups have been chosen, Rescue Ink from Ozone Park, NY, a terrific organization that works with other rescue groups to help fight animal abuse and neglect. These guys love all animals but they’re representing the dogs in this little competition.


And on the side of the cats, we have Kitty Cottage in East Norton, PA! Kitty Cottage is a cage-free adoption center where visitors can cuddle with the cats and get to know them while deciding on who to adopt. I’m here to make sure the cats are well represented in this competition, so please join me in supporting Kitty Cottage (I love the guys at Rescue Ink, too, especially their resident cat guy Al Chernoff, but let’s hear it for the cats!)



How Does This Work?

For this campaign, Halo is offering 30,000 meals. Rescue Ink and Kitty Cottage each need to get 1,000 postcards in order to receive 10,000 meals per group, plus, the group that receives the most postcards will get an extra 10,000 meals.

To make a postcard, all you have to do is put together some photos of your cats along with a funny, inspirational, or heartwarming message, print your postcard (as many different postcards as you want to make!) and mail it to:

Pet Postcard Project
676A 9th Ave #321
New York, NY 10036

Postcards for this campaign must be received by May 31, 2013. More information on making postcards here.

Please join me in supporting The Pet Postcard project and the cats at Kitty Cottage!