Just when you think the CatLadyBox can’t get any better, the next one shows up! The October box was pack with all kinds of spooky fun stuff, including an exclusive Cat Lady black t-shirt designed just for the CatLadyBox. We also received a pair of fuzzy black cat ears from Sugar Lux (love these!) and a fabulous cat ring from Ms. Formaldehyde, which might be my new favorite piece of cat jewelry.


We always get the CRAZY CatLadyBox so the kitties can enjoy it, too. Bear was THRILLED with the adorable black kitty catnip toy from Crochet Kitty Cat toys. He immediately stole it by picking it up with the fuzzy tail and carrying it out to the living room. Here’s a little video to show you how much he loves it!

Bear says best toy ever!

A video posted by @hauspanther on

We were honored to have our Hauspanther Junk Food Flyers in the October CatLadyBox! This was meant to be the perfect Halloween treat for kitty — colorful like candy and crunchy like potato chips!


And finally, the October postcard featured a cool black cat illustration from artist Denise Every. Visit Denise’s Etsy shop to see more of her wonderful work.


Order a CatLadyBox For The Holidays!

The last chance to order the November box is tomorrow, November 19! If you’ve never ordered a CatLadyBox before, use discount code HAUSPANTHER and save 10% off your first order! The discount can be applied to a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscription. Visit CatLadyBox.com to order.


CatLadyBoxes make awesome holiday gifts! Here’s some info on ordering for friends:

Visit catladybox.com and click on “Give a Gift” on the homepage. Choose the number of months you’d like to give (1, 3, or 6 boxes), enter their email address and tell us what day you’d like us to send the email telling them you got them the gift!

In order to receive the December CatLadyBox, the gift email must be sent and the recipient must have clicked the link to claim their gift by 8 p.m. on December 20th. We suggest scheduling the recipient’s gift email to send right away or by December 15th to give them time to see it and claim it. Boxes will arrive by the end of December.

If you don’t want the gift recipient to get an email first (you just want them to get the box), you can put your own email as gift recipient and the “gift” email will be sent to you instead. If you do this, YOU MUST CLAIM THE GIFT by clicking the link and filling it out as if you were them. Then we’ll send them the box! Tada!