Here’s a brand new line of contemporary cat furniture from Poland and I like what I see! Catroom was created by Company Skolik, who specializes in creating tools for cutting products from cardboard. The Catroom line incorporates cardboard with other sturdier materials to create climbing and scratching furniture for cats.


Cattower is the first piece in the Catroom line. It’s a tall cat tree that incorporates carpeted ramps in the design, a great feature for older cats or for cats who have difficulty jumping. Of course, the more agile kitties will still jump from ramp to ramp, but it’s nice to give them the option.


The enclosed house on top has window cutouts and an opening to the carpeted roof. I love the way the pieces fit together with special joints. This looks like a very high quality design.


I can see my cats spending hours on this tower! Lots of openings to peek through and plenty of places to perch and hangout.


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