SmartCat Litter Giveaway


Here’s your chance to test drive what we think is the best cat litter on Earth! It’s the new SmartCat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter, a completely different kind of litter that truly out-performs every other litter on the market.


The SmartCat Natural Clumping Litter is made from 100% chemical free, US-grown grass, a revolutionary concept that is eco-friendly and renewable. The soft texture is gentle on cats’ paws and is much lighter to carry than regular clay litter. Best of all, the clumping power is outstanding! Liquids form extremely solid clumps, making it easy to scoop away waste. How solid you ask? Watch this video for an extreme demonstration!

Where To Buy

Visit the SmartCat Retail Litter Locator to find a store near you that is currently carrying the litter. If your local pet supply store isn’t selling the litter, please tell them about it and ask them to stock it! You can also purchase the litter online from Amazon (qualifies for free shipping with Prime!), and

*** The SmartCat litter monthly giveaway has ended ****


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