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Here’s a cat scratcher that brings both fun and function to your home! This line of Art Scratchers from Furrther features a variety of classic art with a feline twist. Choose from the Mona Lisa, Le Chat Noir, The Scream, Girl (or Cat!) with a Pearl Earring, and more.

When purchased with the solid wood frame, the Furrther art scratchers can be configured in three positions to accommodate your cat’s preference. Attach the wooden support piece to create an upright scratcher, an inclined scratcher, or a flat scratching platform that also serves as a raised lounge.

The sisal scratching pad can be easily replaced once it becomes worn or when you want to change the design. The scratch pads are sold separately as replacements or you can use the included adhesive-backed Velcro fasteners to attach the sisal pad directly to a wall or to the side of your furniture without the frame.

We had a chance to test the Furrther Art Scratcher with the wooden frame and I really like how it goes together. It’s a breeze to assemble in whichever configuration you choose and changing the sisal scratching pad couldn’t be easier. Simply rotate the tabs on the back of the frame and insert the sisal pad under the backing board — just like framing a photo. We set our scratcher up at the 30 degree angle and the cats love it! It’s really sturdy and looks great.

As a bonus, the scratcher and frame come in a box that’s designed to transform into a puzzle toy! Just use a utility knife to cut out the openings as marked, drop some treats or small toys in the box and watch your cats have a blast!

Visit to see all the art scratcher designs as well as their boho scratchers. Also available on Amazon.

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