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Here is a brilliant new offering from our friends over at Meowy Janes! It’s an Herbal Scent Enrichment Kit for Cats, a collection of 13 ASPCA-approved cat-safe herbs that can be used to bring an extra level of enrichment to your indoor cat.

A cat’s sense of smell is 15 times stronger than ours. It’s their most important sense and the best way for cats to gain information about their environment. Meowy Janes points out that indoor cats can be limited to a range of scents that often include plastics, cleaners, and other human scents with little or no access to natural scents from outdoors.

This kit of 13 different cat-friendly herbs offers a scent buffet for indoor kitties, which can help to reduce stress, relieve boredom, and encourage relaxation. In addition to being ASPCA-approved, all of the herbs in Meowy Jane’s Scent Enrichment Kit are approved for human consumption.

The kit comes with instructions on how to introduce the different herbs to your cat and notes that not all cats will be interested in all the herbs, and might find some herbs attractive at different times, depending on their mood. There is a chart showing which herbs are more likely to encourage play and boost energy and which are better for calming and relaxation. You can sprinkle the herbs anywhere in your home or purchase refillable fabric pouches to keep them contained.

This is a very well-thought-out and intriguing use of natural plant material to help bring more enrichment to indoor cats. The Herbal Scent Enrichment Kit for Cats is available from the Meowy Janes Etsy shop with free shipping to US addresses.

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