We’re excited to announce a special fundraiser for a fantastic organization, Mission Meow! As a Mission Meow business partner, Hauspanther is magnifying our ability to support small feline-centric non-profits to help create meaningful change for cats in need.

Mission Meow takes a unique three-pronged approach to fundraising. They partner with likeminded businesses who commit to be annual supporters. Funds received from business partners are combined with donations from individual supporters and income from merchandise sales to award larger grants to recipients. Benefitting nonprofits are selected quarterly to receive a grant for a specific project.

For part of our contribution, we are selling these limited edition cat toys with 100% of profits going to Mission Meow. We have both ModKickers and ModShaker in an exclusive Mission Meow fabric available now at shop.hauspanther.com. Grab some today and show your support for this special organization!

To learn more about previous grant recipients, to volunteer or donate directly, or to apply for a grant for your feline-centric non-profit, please visit missionmeow.org.