The folks over at Catastrophic Creations have a fun new addition to their awesome line of wall-mounted cat furniture! Check out their new Invisible Cat Hammocks, designed to give you a perfect view of your cat’s toe beans.

The new crystal clear hammocks attach to the same wall brackets used for their canvas hammocks. Heavy duty vinyl easily supports up to 65 lbs and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The invisible hammocks let you see your cat from all angles, and of course, don’t forget the photo ops.

I think the invisible hammocks are perfect when you want a lighter look and feel, say in a small space or when you’re hanging them over something like a desk or bed. The vinyl does not provide as much traction as the cotton canvas hammocks, so it is recommended to only mount them below six feet.

The new invisible cat hammocks are available as individual hammocks in 18″, 26″ and 34″, as a lift hammock with an attached ramp, a double decker invisible cat hammock, and as a whole invisible play cat condo. Choose from natural, English chestnut, or onyx finish for the bamboo pieces. If you already have a Catastrophic Creations Cat Hammock and want to replace your canvas with the new invisible vinyl, vinyl replacement pieces are also available.

Visit to see all the options for the new Invisible Cat Hammocks and if you buy one, make sure to submit photos of your cat using it and you could win a free cat hammock in the Toe Bean Contest!