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Today’s roundup is for all the cats and cat lovers out there who are celebrating Hanukkah this week! It might be a little late to get some of these items for this year but keep them in mind for the future. No matter what you are celebrating during this winter holiday season, may it always involve cats!

Above: Hanukkah Cat Shirt from Blossom Apparel US

Dreidel and Gelt Cat Toys Stuffed with Organic Catnip from Whimsily Ever After

Meowzel Tov Chanukah Cat Coffee Mug from Download Designs by AND

Star of David Hanukkah Catnip Cat Toy from The Dots

Star of David Cat Collar & Bow Tie Set from Made By Cleo

Happy Hanukcats Throw Pillow from Lea Joelle Handmade

Hanukkah Cat Kitchen Towel from Amelia Who Could Fly

Hanukkah Cat Earrings from Amelia Wignall

Hanukkah Cats Wrapping Paper from Eclectic Gift Co

Retro Tabby Cat Hanukkah Ornaments from Stanley and Stewart

Happy Hanukkah Chonky Cats Card from Ping Hatta Studio

Happy Hanukkah Black Cat Card from Shewy Lu Designs 

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