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It’s extremely important for cats to “catch” a toy at the end of a play session in order to complete the hunting process, otherwise they could become frustrated. Normally wand toys don’t allow for this final step, but these unique wand toys from Catimini have a special innovation that solves the problem. The toy attachment is connected to the end of the string with a strong magnet. You can have a regular play session with your cat and at the end let them grab the toy and “catch” it by removing it from the string. What a brilliant solution!

The wand toys are all handmade in Canada with colorful ribbons, soft felt, faux fur, feathers and catnip and come in a variety of styles. You can purchase just the attachment with magnets to use with an existing wand or get the whole set with attachment, wand and two cords. Check out all the options in the Catimini Etsy shop.

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