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I’m always on the lookout for affordable sets of cat climbing furniture that can be easily modified for different Catification projects. This cat climbing system offers a unique combination of pieces that can be customized in some very interesting ways.

The set includes two large sisal wrapped posts plus three cat steps (two small and one large) with cute cat head-shaped wall mounting pieces. You can assemble the pieces to create a full 38″ tall climbing and scratching post or you can use the pieces separately to make an individual steps, a single vertical scratching post, or horizontal scratching/climbing posts. So simple and so brilliant!

Since the pieces are made of solid wood you could easily paint or stain them to match your decor. I have not used this set in a Catification project myself yet, but I love the concept and it has a lot of good reviews. You may need to get some larger screws to ensure maximum stability, but as with other inexpensive sets I’ve written about recently, this gives you some good pieces to start with, even if it needs a little DIY.

Check out the whole set on Amazon.

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