Over the years, I have written about many Ukrainian artists and businesses that make beautiful items for our beloved cats. It is clear that a deep love of cats is an important part of Ukrainian culture. My heart absolutely breaks as I look at the Etsy shop pages for these businesses right now. They are almost all closed, some with messages about the extreme peril they are currently facing. The entire situation is a nightmare and this brings it particularly close to home for me.

I just want to send my support for everyone in Ukraine, and especially to these people who we are connected to through our love of cats. Also, all the animal rescue organizations that are frantically working to evacuate and save animals in the region. Please read this article on GreatPet.com that outlines how you can support the animal rescue efforts in Ukraine. Also, the Humane Society International is providing support to groups that are helping animals in Ukraine if you would like to make a donation there.

Here are links to some of the Ukrainian companies we’ve featured before. A couple have options to purchase digital files or to make donations. For others, you can signup to receive an email when they re-open their stores so you can support them at that time.

Please know that you all have our support.