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I have admired the Cove Litter Box from Tuft+Paw since it was first released, but I recently had a chance to test it with my own cats and it truly exceeds all my expectations in terms of both quality and design. This thoughtfully designed litter box is beautifully constructed using top-quality materials. The heavy duty matte plastic feels solid and sturdy and when combined with the smooth, curved interior corners, it makes the Cove very easy to scoop and wipe clean as needed. The white matte portion is attached to a very sturdy dark grey base that has a non-slip bottom, altogether creating an extremely well-constructed litter box.

As I’ve written about before, the thing that makes me giddy is the compartment that holds the scoop and included dustpan and brush. These tools fit neatly inside a removable flexible liner that catches any excess litter, making it easy to keep things neat and tidy. This is such a beautifully designed feature, both aesthetically and functionally.

The Cove Litter Box includes an 8″ high translucent wall, called the Shelter, that you can use if you have cats who like to kick litter out of the box or if they stand while peeing. The details of the Shelter are also well-designed, eliminating any cracks where urine might get caught, instead directing it back into the box. These people really know cats!

And if you’re looking for a fantastic non-clay, clumping cat litter to use with the Cove Litter Box, check out Tuft+Paw’s brand new Really Great Cat Litter. This litter has a unique texture that’s soft on a cat’s paws but does not track. It’s made from five simple ingredients — soybean fiber, corn starch, corn flour, guar gum and charcoal — all completely non-toxic and safe for your cat and the environment. These ingredients make Really Great Cat Litter compostable and even flushable. Really Great Cat Litter is dust-free and fragrance-free and it is lighter weight than clay litter.

Learn more about the Cove Litter Box and the new Really Great Cat Litter at We are big fans!

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