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This is the new Kip Cat Cushion modern cat bed collection from Tuft + Paw and I absolutely love it! A sturdy but soft inner foam cushion has a concave top surface and a plush faux shearling cover, creating what looks to me like the ultimate cat lounging spot. Every cat loves a subtly curved surface that they can sink down into, don’t they?

The Kip Cat Cushion comes in three sizes: small with a 16″ diameter and 4″ height, tall also 16″ in diameter but a full 12″ tall for kitties who like to sit on a throne and view their surroundings, and wide measuring a generous 22″ in diameter and 4″ tall for big cats who need a little extra room to spread out. Choose from ivory or black faux shearling.

Preorder now at to make sure and get one when they ship in December since they are only made in limited quantities.

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