Wall-mounted wood cat bridges

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Add a distinctive element to your cat climbing wall with these bamboo cat bridges from Catastrophic Creations. Bridges mount securely into studs with a patented hidden bracket and can be used to span the distance between cat shelves, across a doorway or even in front of a window. Available in 34″, 50″ and 66″ lengths and three finish options, cat bridges can be purchased separately or with adjoining landing platforms or canvas hammock lounges. Made from solid, sustainable bamboo. Choose from twine or paracord for the rope railing.

Check out all the options a catastrophicreations.com.

Black and white cat resting on cat bridge

Blue-eyed cat on bamboo cat bridge

Wall-mounted cat bridge

Wall-mounted cat lounge with climbing bridge

Brown tabby cat at end of cat bridge

Cat sleeping on wall-mounted cat bridge

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