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One of our favorite cat litters, Sustainably Yours, just released a new formula specifically to reduce tracking. Sustainably Yours Multi-cat Large Grains was designed to keep litter from scattering throughout your house. The larger grains fall off your cat’s paws inside or close to the litter box. This is excellent for long-haired cats to reduce the amount of litter that sticks to their fur as they exit the litter box.

The new formula clumps just as well as the original Multi-cat and Multi-cat Plus formulas, with superior odor control, minimal dust and a clean light color. Made from totally renewable corn and cassava, Sustainably Yours is natural and biodegradable with zero chemicals or fragrances.

I’m not the only one who loves this litter, the Cat Daddy himself is a fan, too!


Sustainably Yours new large-grain formula is currently available exclusively on Amazon.

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