I love essential oils, but I’m pretty careful about using them around my cats because there’s a lot of debate about whether or not essential oils are toxic to cats. This is a very controversial topic and even just a quick internet search will yield multiple conflicting viewpoints. According to petpoisonhelpline.com, cats lack a specific liver enzyme that is needed to metabolize and eliminate essential oils, allowing toxic levels to build-up in their system. Just to be on the safe side, I limit my use of essential oils in my home, only using personal products that contain essential oils when I am not around my cats.

I have been researching catnip sprays, the kind that are used to refresh toys, bedding and scratchers. It turns out that most of them are made by mixing catnip essential oil with water, requiring an emulsifier to get them to mix. I’m not saying these products are bad, we know catnip is perfectly safe for cats, the essential oils are likely quite diluted, and the emulsifiers are usually food-grade.

As an alternative, however, I’ve started using catnip hydrosol, which is the by-product of making catnip essential oil. Hydrosols contain only the water-soluble parts of the plant, but still have a lovely fragrance and in the case of catnip, plenty of punch for kitties to get excited!

Our new Hauspanther Organic Catnip Spray is pure steam distilled hydrosol and does not contain essential oils, alcohol, or emulsifiers. It is perfect for refreshing toys or attracting your cat to a new bed or scratcher. Just spritz and watch kitty have a party! Made in the USA.

Available in a 10 ml atomizer from shop.hauspanther.com.